Aimée’s approach to luxury footwear has been guided by her background.  Having studied biochemical engineering in London, later carving out an international corporate career and finally studying footwear design in Milan, Aimée challenged herself to create a sustainable luxury shoe option for ladies who are ‘on the go’ seeking elevation through means other than stilettos.   Most styles she had seen were either impractical heels for days running around cities or unimpressive flats that were lacking glamour and elegance.

Since 2020, Aimée has curated a team of highly-skilled individuals that share her vision with artisans contributing decades of knowledge in Italian craftsmanship. Aimée’s experience in bioengineering has informed her thoughtful and sustainable approach to design and materials. Through extensive research and the deconstruction of premium footwear, the Aimée Ann Lou team has been able to produce creations of superior quality using certified sustainable materials that are both locally sourced and sustainably produced using ethical and environmentally sound manufacturing techniques. The Aimée Ann Lou factory is based in Tuscany near Florence and design processes are performed between London and Milan. 

“Aimée Ann Lou shoes are truly unique, responsible, playful, and refined. We design functional elegance whilst using technology and research to assist us in protecting the environment.”

"We have established a basis for Aimée Ann Lou built upon knowledge, legacy and conscious principles. The planet and people that wear our collections remain of principal concern and inform every decision we make."

“Creativity exists in many guises. There were moments when I felt that mine was suppressed, I am, therefore, all the more grateful to be able to connect my passion for fashion, design and aesthetics to my background in engineering. Aimée Ann Lou is about exploring the possibilities at the axis of these disciplines before unleashing collections that fuse high fashion with functionality."

- Founder and Creative Director, Aimée Ann Louise Homer


Consciously designed for the globally mobile glamorous woman, sustainability informs the Aimée Ann Lou attitude every step of the way. 

At Aimée Ann Lou, luxury equates to responsibility and longevity, as such materials and practices are scrutinised and revisited to achieve best environmentally conscious practices and compliance with industry-leading standards in quality.

Our collections are handcrafted by artisans outside Florence, Italy, a region known for its rich heritage in luxury shoemaking. The Aimée Ann Lou aesthetic is one of supreme unhindered sophistication which also plays to personal and playful emotions. 

Aimée Ann Lou reimagines classic timeless styles crafting oxfords, loafers, lace-ups, boots and slippers in chic, low heel contemporary form. Our designs are adorned with unexpected detailing and handcrafted to compliment the silhouette of the leg, provide supreme comfort and equip women to traverse their worlds with ease.