Aimée’s approach to luxury footwear has been guided by her background and attention to detail.  Having studied engineering in London, later carving out an international corporate career and finally studying footwear design in Milan, Aimée challenged herself to create an innovative luxury shoe option for ladies who require functional glamour, seeking elevation through means other than stilettos.   

Under Aimée's direction and artisan contributing decades of knowledge in Italian craftsmanship, the Aimée Ann Lou shoe made its debut at Milan Fashion Week in 2022 exuding a sense of refined style with playful and empowering features.

In her journey to achieve a truer sense of luxury, Aimée Ann Lou shoes are made in Tuscany near Florence using heritage techniques revitalised by adopting renewable energy and setting the highest standards in sourcing natural materials.

“Aimée Ann Lou shoes are playful, empowering, elegant, and innovative. We design functional glamour whilst making tech-driven decisions to assist us in protecting the environment.”