Product care


All Aimée Ann Lou shoes are made by hand using materials of the highest quality.

It is our intention to create beautifully responsible shoes and to ensure their longevity and durability through the correct use of this care guide.


Keep your Aimée Ann Lou shoes out of contact with liquids including alcohol, oils, solvents and water, and exposure to rain.

If your shoes become wet, allow them to dry naturally away from any direct source of heat.

Never attempt to clean your shoes with soap or water. Use leather care products where appropriate, carefully following the instruction information. Prior to use ensure that leather care products are spot tested in an inconspicuous area to test colourfastness.

Please note that Aimée Ann Lou has made these recommendations as a courtesy to those wishing to care for our products and maximise their lifetime and customers who follow these guidelines are solely responsible for the result, excluding Aimée Ann Lou from any liability.


Our sustainable nappa leather has been awarded the gold standard by the leather working group, it is smooth and strong providing a light and durable upper for your shoes. As with all animal skins, leather will naturally wrinkle and soften with age. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and the shoes are thoroughly dry before use.


Our incredibly luxurious FSC certified responsible velvet has a soft, dense pile and a lustrous sheen. Occasionally, subtle colour variations may occur due to the rub of the pile or on folds or corners of the shoe structure. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth. You can lift the velvet pile by gently steaming the outer fabrication.

Do not apply any leather care products to your velvet shoes.


Our luxurious conscious satin is sourced and selected for the lowest environmental impact, highest quality, lustre and durability. Being a naturally delicate fabric, we recommend avoiding contact with sharp or catching objects and surfaces that may cause the satin to pull or tear. For satin shoes with crystal embellishments, ensure the shoes are stored in their individual care bags (we give you 2 for this reason) in such a way that the crystals do not come into contact with any part of the satin.

Contact with liquid may cause satin to stain and therefore it is important to keep your shoes safe from rain, alcohol, oil and other liquids. You can gently remove surface dirt by using a clean, dry, soft cloth.

A waterproof spray may help protect the satin from light water contact. Always spot test products first to ensure colourfastness.



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