Motif-print coated-velvet and leather boots

Colour: Black

Azima with the name meaning the ‘Defender’ dresses up and flatters the leg with a high-performance and quick-wear rear zip fastening. Set on a bio-based lightweight lug sole with a slight lift to facilitate all-day action with glamourous side notes of AAL signature screen-printed velvet. Azima is a passionate protector with rare characteristics.

Fits true to size.


Product Details

Round toe
Heel height 55mm/2.2inches
Black leather upper
Black screen-printed velvet
Bio-based EVA sole
Rear zip
Handmade in Italy
True to size


Our calf nappa is made by Gruppo Dani, one of best tanneries in Italy and one of the finest for sustainability. All leathers are produced in a vertically controlled production system. The company is fully certified for environmental management and has been gold rated by the Leather Working group (LWG), the best certification attainable for sustainable leathers.

Our AAL signature print on our FSC certified velvet uses low impact ink and is made with a screen that can be re-used an endless number of times.

The AAL lug sole is made from a lightweight bio-based EVA resin which affords a very comfortable sponge-like tread.

Our silky laces are made with recycled post-consumer yarn and meets the global recycling standard (GRS).

How to wear

An ode to the empowered woman, contrast this chic, lug-soled, statement combat boot with an airy-light wardrobe. Each step speaks of supreme comfort and confidence. Dress with ethereal silk dresses in summer and walk the walk in winter combined with black tights and a pleated midi skirt.